Homemade journals

Recently two of my journals/notebook fell apart. So i decided to make them more pages.
This was a notebook with soy based ink and chlorine-free paper and the only thing i didn’t like about it was the binding fell away from the exterior cardboard. The paper was nice to write on, and I’ve got several pages left, but i dislike lines. I took some pages we had in our recycling that were mostly blank and bound them together, resized the notebook’s exterior cardboard, a little duct tape and glue later it was mostly done.


Clothespins hold the unattached pages.

Different papers from the recycling


Embroidery floss holds the pages together.


New pages waiting for words.


Duct tape holds the cover paper in place until the glue dries.


The light beams created by the afternoon sun through our basement window take on a light saber effect.

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Beautiful blue

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Who invented typewriters anyways? How is it faster than writing? it’s only more unifor mm. The ┬áding and slide the gun-fire punctuation, my thoughts run and hide from a slip up or exclamation. CLICK-clack, tip-tap, the sure-fire annotation, the brain … Continue reading

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How does one start a blog anyways? How do you find the time and the meaning of expressing yourself to many others with the tip-tap of the keyboard under one’s fingers? From my experience, human expression is hardwired into us and to try avoid it results (i think) in a melancholy, morose, empty life.
Just look at the “cave men” and their art work, or chronology, and how they used the tools available to convey their way of life and preserve it many centuries later: how did it transform from that to letters and glyphs to scribes and masterpieces and paintings? All hold a piece of time in their hands.
Why is it that some people decide to use words rather than pictures? Just how do you decide what to write and what your audience will hear? Saying and telling and writing and painting and drawing and composing and photographing can be interpreted into many different ideas and observations and therein lies the expression and each person is portrayed through their work.

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